Online Terms & Policy

For Members Only

For members you will receive free shipping on all greeting cards purchases only if you live in the United States only, and there will be a shipping fee for members that live outside the United States, shipping fee is based upon how many greeting cards that is order by the customer, shipping fees are listed on our online store price list.

For Non-Members

And for non-member you will receive free shipping when you purchases more than ten greeting cards from our online store and once again only if you live in the United States. So please select carefully all sales are final for members and
non-members and there will be no refund. Thank you for your business.
Shipping Fees

For our greeting cards shipping and handling fees check out our online store price policy.

Please make sure all information that you give to us is correct when filling  out your form. We will not be responsible for any wrong doing on our customers’ part and this means to which the reception may be of our products and etc.