Online Store Price List

Online Store Prices

Single greeting cards $2.99 each.

Box Set Prices

Box set of 5 cards $13.95
Box set of 10 cards $25.09
Box set of 20 cards $49.08
Box set of 50 cards $110.00
Box set of 100 cards or more $1.99 each.
For example Box set of 100 cards will be $199.00

Shipping & Handling Prices

For members shipping prices will be free and only if you live in the United States.

On box sets all shipping will be free and once again
only if you live in the United States.

Shipping & Handling Prices for non-members

1-4 greeting cards $1.99

5 to 20 greeting cards $3.99

20 or more greeting cards $10.99

International shipping fees $17.99

All sales on greeting cards are final, so please select carefully, because there will be no refunds on sales of products.

Thank you for your business, because here at unlimited love greeting cards and Globe 2 Global Inc. we do value our members and customers and once again thank you.

Robert C. Harris


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