Member Policy

Membership Policy

To all our members welcome to Unlimited Love Greeting Cards we thank you for joining our company and we thank you for your business. So please read this carefully, we are not responsible for any member’s actions when selecting and sending cards to any individual, so please be responsible.

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Membership Terms

We here at Unlimited Love Greeting Cards, want you to know that this is a secure website and there will be no personal information kept on this website only members e-mail address that only we can access for future notice of changes on this website and it’s our pleasure to inform you that for $5.99 you will have access to unlimited cards and there will be new cards added in each section from time to time and we will notify you by e-mail or in our news and note section on the website and all members of ULGC will receive a membership to ;also, there will be many more things to come at,

Unlimited Love Greeting Cards.

Thank you for becoming a member,

Unlimited Love Greeting Cards